Biostimulator/ face lift countouring


This treatment shows the results almost straight away. That’s why we would recommend this treatment before weddings, special events or important dinners and dates.

The full effects become visible after a few weeks. After about a month, you can see a definite improvement in the condition of the skin.


It is recommended to repeat the treatment 2-3 times one month apart.

For optimum results to keep your skin looking at it best all the time, as well as a preventative treatment, we recommend to have the treatment repeated 2-3 times a year after the course.


Essentially Profhilo is an injection-based facelift. Small injections of hyaluronic acid just under the surface of the skin. It is used to improve the structure of the face and the resilience and quality of your skin. The technology developed for this procedure are state of the art and have been proven to provide excellent results with minimal side effects.

The procedure has a number of benefits which make it one of the most effective in the world. Here are a few excellent reasons for you to consider such a treatment…

One of the most common skin complaints across all ages and skin types is a loss of hydration. Hydration is the cornerstone of healthy skin; providing it with strength, resilience and smoothness. The hydration provided by the Profhilo process is second to none.

But, guess what? You’re not stuck with them forever. Ultrasound fat cavitation therapy is one of the latest aesthetic treatments that work to eliminate extra inches and achieve instant fat loss. Here are just a few of the many benefits to having ultrasound fat cavitation treatments.

Although dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, Profhilo is slightly different. Unlike dermal fillers, it works in harmony with your body by helping it regain its own natural hyaluronic acid (which reduces as we age) and it also helps stimulate additional production of collagen and elastin, thus leaving your skin more youthful-looking, tighter and rejuvenated.

This process, as well as tightening the skin, stimulates the production of collagen. Not only does this reinforce the skin’s resilience, but it provides elasticity. All of this works together to give your skin a glow and shine and ensures a significant decrease in wrinkles and even the prominence of some scars.

You don’t need to wait very long to see the benefits of the Profhilo treatment. Results are visible almost instantly after the procedure. And speaking of speediness, the procedure itself is also very quick and not particularly intrusive. It is something you could easily fit into a lunch hour, should you wish to do so!

Even though the effect on the skin is there to be seen straight away, the hyaluronic acid has slow-release properties. This means, as good as your skin is soon after your treatment, it is due to get better. Your skin will continue to hydrate, tighten and gain elasticity over the following days, sometimes weeks.

It is a unique, triple action at the cellular level that gives the effect of clear and long-lasting rejuvenation. Nucleofill is a synonym for innovative biotechnology in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging. This scientifically confirmed method of skin biostimulation contains polynucleotides which stimulate the skin to rebuild in a three-way mechanism. The first course of action is on fibroblast receptors in the skin. Thanks to such stimulation, they transform into myofibroblasts. The process of the production of type I collagen and elastin is stimulated, which causes the skin to thicken and lift. The second mechanism is the “scavenging” of free radicals and antioxidant activity. Polynucrotides bind water and provide long-lasting iso-osmotic hydration to the extracellular matrix. As a result, the skin becomes moisturized and supple.

What does it mean? Your skin will be introduced to the biostimulation process, thanks to which it will start to regenerate, thicken and firm. Additional antioxidant and moisturizing effects will make you notice a clear rejuvenation of the skin, which at the same time becomes radiant and the symptoms of oxidative stress disappear. The skin tone will improve and fine wrinkles will be shallower.

The effect will be exactly what you expect – clear but natural, without changing your facial features.

For whom? Perfect for people who notice loss of elasticity and signs of aging, and the skin lacks radiance and requires deep hydration. The treatment can be performed regardless of age and skin type!

What is the product made of? The product is completely natural and safe. Does not contain substances with sensitizing potential. It comes in the form of a transparent gel.

What does the procedure look like? The physician will introduce the Nucleofill by injection (i.e., with a needle or cannula) at several points. The treatment is not painful, you may feel a slight tingling sensation.

After the treatment, you can easily return to your daily activities, or you may experience a slight swelling or bruise.

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